Cytus as you have never seen before ――

Cytus α

― On sale 25th April 2019 ―

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The top selling rhythm game series of over 20 million downloads,
"Cytus", revamped for the Nintendo Switch.


#1. Over 200 songs included

Boasting one of the largest libraries in rhythm games,
Cytus offers a staggering collection of over 200 songs,
all beautifully illustrated for your enjoyment.

#2. "Chapter Ω" Unearthed

Songs originally made for the anticipated
Cytus Ω are now included as "Chapter Ω"
in Cytus α exclusively!

#3. You've seen "Cytus" and "Cytus II"...
Now we present you "Cytus α"

A revamped UI song select screen and Diary mode to better navigate storylines.

#4. Online Score Battles

Challenge other players online!
Practice your technique and beat your rivals.
Who will get the higher score?


Pre-orders for the packaged version
come with a "Cytus α pre-order special CD".
This includes all songs in Chapter Ω and will not be available anytime else.

*Only gifted with orders made before the release date.

Cytus α pre-order special CD


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